Permanent Pet Identification In A Snap!
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About Us


After losing his pet poodle "Archie" in 1967, the Identicollar was
created by Robert D. Massaro-a Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT) alumnus.
First marketed by such companies as Ralston-Purina and the
exclusive Horchow catalog, the Identicollar -"Pet Identification
In A Snap"-is still THE way to identify your pet.
“I am a user of the identicollar for the past 5 years
and swear by it.  When my greyhound and Westy
"escaped" one day, the Identicollar is what got them
back to me in less then l/2 hour; Their names and my
cell phone being right there, made it so easy for the
person who found them to get in touch with me instantly;
both dogs are "chipped" but with this collar, nothing has
 to be done but a "phone call".  I would suggest that
everyone who has a dog (or cat) get one of these
"lifesaving" collars”.  G.J. Blumenthal, Sarasota, Florida

You know, I am NOT the most "handy" person in the
world and I wanted to
see how easy/hard it was to assemble one of these collars.  I have the
20" Lime Green and put Betsy Prim and my phone number, so I used every space.   
 I was impressed, first of all that I was able to assemble it without tools 
and even more by the fact that it is REALLY sturdy!  The snaps do NOT come off!!
I'm excited about doing one for all 9 of my dogs!!
Thanks again!

Renee Jones
Director of Dealer Accounts/Canine Specialist
Jeffers Pet